The Forty Steps at Narragansett Ave.

      At the end of Narragansett Ave., about 3/4ths of a mile south from Memorial Boulevard, are the Forty Steps ... a dramatic stone staircase that drops about 2/3rds of the way down the side of the cliff to a balcony over the sea.

      Spectacular anytime, this platform is especially dramatic right after a storm when the waves crash into the rocks directly below. Some parking is available on Narragansett Ave. Also the city has placed two temporary toilet units just off the Walk.

      This segment of the walk is well marked, the condition is very good, and it is easily used for walking and running.

      During Newport's Golden Age, the Forty Steps were a gathering place for the servants and workers from the nearby mansions. Here they would hold weekend dances and play the Irish songs and music that reminded them of home.

      There are great views of the ocean, the mansions and the cliff sides. Although there are a number of fences guarding the steep drops, wandering off the path can be hazardous especially during the summer when vegetation may run to the edge of the cliffs.

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